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‘The Fault In Our Stars’ movie tie-in cover + release date

The cover of The Fault In Our Stars movie tie-in edition has been released and it features the shot of Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Gus (Ansel Elgort) from the movie poster. And it never stops being gorgeous!

The book will be released on April 8.

TFIOS movie tie in

It’s safe to say that The Fault In Our Stars movie is going to leave me in tears and feeling so not okay when it hits theaters on June 6. But I’m oh so ready for it. Bring on the feels!

LA Times profiles John Green and ‘The Fault In Our Stars’

John GreenThe LA Times posted an excellent feature on John Green and his time on the set of The Fault In Our Stars, which hits theaters on June 3.

One of the things they touched upon was Green’s friendship with Esther Earl, who was his inspiration for The Fault In Our Stars.

It wasn’t until he met 14-year-old cancer patient Esther Earl at a Harry Potter convention that his thoughts about children with illness took shape as a real story. He spent a lot of time with Esther toward the end of her life, organizing her Make-a-Wish (bringing all her online friends to Boston for a weeklong celebration). After she died, his novel came alive.

He says flatly that Esther was not the basis for his protagonist, Hazel Grace, who has stage 4 thyroid cancer.

“Hazel and Esther are very different people, but I could never have written Hazel had I never been friends with Esther,” said Green, sitting outside a hotel in downtown Pittsburgh, dressed casually in a green “Hunger Games”-themed T-shirt and jeans. “My friendship with Esther taught me two things: how empathetic and outwardly focused teenagers can be, and that Esther’s life was still a good life and she was glad to have lived it.”

Green, who was a strong presence on the film set, also talked about his thoughts on the adaptation.

The author, who wasn’t at all involved with the adaptation, said he loved the script — some parts, he said, were better than his novel. “When I saw their draft, I liked the ending better than I liked the ending of my book,” Green said. “That was a good feeling — and a little bit annoying.”

 Click here to read the full story

Watch: John Green’s ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Google Hangout

On Thursday night, John Green chatted all things The Fault In Our Stars with fans during a Google hangout set up by 20th Century Fox. Missed the hangout? No problem. You can catch the entire chat below:

The Fault In Our Stars hits theaters on June 3.

John Green Gets Personal and Talks Bullying

Watch: John Green answers ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ movie questions

Check out this new Question Tuesday video from John Green which is all about The Fault In Our Stars movie, which hits theaters on June 6, 2014.

John Green talks about his time on set of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ in new interview


In a new interview with Pittsburgh Magazine, John Green talked about his time on the set of The Fault In Our Stars and how “the collaboration (from book to screen) is discipline.”

As the author, you don’t have to be here on the film set, but you are. What’s motivating that, and what are you getting out of it?
I hope it’s good for the movie to have me here. But the biggest thing I get out of it, personally, is a chance to watch all of these astonishingly talented people give of themselves to this story that I care about. That’s really wonderful, and it doesn’t get old. What I love about writing books is that you get to collaborate with your readers; every time someone reads a book, it’s different. They have to translate these scratches on the page to ideas in their head — and everybody does that differently. I love that collaboration, that sense that the thing is not done until it is read. But you never get to see that collaboration happen; as a writer, that’s one of the frustrations. Here, that collaboration has become discipline; there are all these people who are really excited about the story and want to do well by it. And I get to work with them. That’s so cool.

Read the full interview at Pittsburgh Magazine, where Green also discussed screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber and why he’s okay with Pittsburgh serving as his fictional Indianapolis.

John Green, cast and crew receive wrap gifts on set of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’


John Green and the cast and crew on The Fault In Our Stars received wrap gifts on set, which included special edition hardcovers of The Fault In Our Stars and a certain book Fault fans know of all too well.

Our new favorite thing — ‘The Fault In Our Stalls’ + more set photos

It was the second to last day for John Green on the Pittsburgh set of The Fault In Our Stars on Tuesday (October 8), and he’s still making us crack up with hilarious set photos. But I don’t think anything will top the photo below as most hysterical set photo:

Fault In Our Stalls

Here are some more set photos and tweets from John from today:

John Green says ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ is ‘phenomenally faithful to the book’

Photo: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Photo: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a feature story about John Green and filming on The Fault In Our Stars.

One noteworthy thing mentioned is that there is a slight difference on how Hazel and Augustus (Ansel Elgort) meet in the film (warning: spoilers below), but Green said that the screenplay is “phenomenally faithful to the book.”

In a (mild spoiler alert) tweak to the novel, they run into each other on the elevator, and she then goes into the restroom to compose herself. But readers need not fear that the book, about whip-smart lovestruck teens who happen to have cancer, is being mangled.

“When people really love a book, what they want to see is the book come to life. They want to see the book visually, and I’m sympathetic to that desire. I felt that desire about books that I loved, I felt that about ‘Harry Potter,’ I felt that about ‘Revolutionary Road,’ I felt that about a huge variety of books.

“But, you know, my hope is that it can be a good movie, not that it can be a good visualization of a book,” he said, adding that some details on the page can seem hokey or ridiculous on screen.

“That said, the screenplay — in my opinion at least — is just phenomenally faithful to the book. Almost every line of dialogue in the movie is from the book. It’s very, very faithful.”

Read the full story at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Photo: John Green feeds Nat Wolff on the set of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’

John Green shared this adorable photo of him spoon-feeding Nat Wolff (Isaac) on the set of The Fault In Our Stars on Wednesday.