Shailene Woodley Featured in Total Film February 2014 Issue


Shailene Woodley is on the cover of Total Film, as Beatrice Prior – who we all have to wait until March to see. The February 2014 issue talks about heroes of 2014.

The article also features an interview with Shailene. For the full transcribed interview, VISIT THE SOURCE.

Divergent Casting

“I said no when I got the offer,” Woodley recalls, striking a yoga tree pose and nursing herbal tea in a London hotel suite after a limb-cramping long flight from the US. “I was like, ‘I’m afraid about the lack of anonymity, that lifestyle if the movie does well, the amount of commitment even for publicity.”’ Convinced to re-assess by her mum (who reasoned that she liked the character and to turn down a film based on fame was like turning it down based on its budget – something she assures us she wouldn’t do), Woodley threw herself into training and ‘chemistry auditions’ to portray Tris, the kick-ass teen girl leading a revolution against a factioned and oppressed society in futuristic Chicago.



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